Hello Iceland!

Sam’s take:

Our flight out of Boston was at 9:30pm Sunday night, and after a 4 hour flight (via the relatively impressive Iceland Air) we were in Iceland… at 6:30am Monday. This means that as of now we are going on 48 hours of very little sleep.  The city of Reykjavik is a 40 minute bus ride from the airport, across a very baron terrain of what we think is dried lava. Our hostel has fantastic views and a ton of personality. (Highly recommended by anyone else coming over this way- http://www.kexhostel.is/). We shook off our jet lag with some breakfast while watching the sky light up over the Reykjavik harbor.

We have spent the rest of the day puttering around downtown Reykjavik, admiring it’s quaintness and character, being astonished at the ridiculously high prices of EVERYTHING, and being cold (well I was at least- Eric has a permanent sweater).  The town has a very Nordic/ ski-town feel to it, with a slight hipster/eclectic  undertones. And like true backpackers on a budget, we hit the local grocery store to buy food for the next few days (Eric will elaborate more on that).

Which brings us to now, and shortly after this is posted we will be turning in for the night in order to wake up nice and early for our Golden Circle guided tour. So far, day one of our little trip has been a success!

Eric’s take:

Let me start off my first blog post by saying that my goal is to become famous from this.  Feel free to pass along this brilliant blog to anyone you think may enjoy it.  First thing you need to know about Icelanders, is that they are loud.  These people did not shut up the entire flight, which led to me barely sleeping.  They were so loud I couldn’t even watch one of the 50 movies they had as an option.  From that perspective, I would highly recommend Iceland Air.  The cute flight staff doesn’t hurt either.

Going through customs was a breeze, which I expected to be miserable at that time of the morning.  Easy trip onto the bus, then our trip to Reykjavik began.  For those of you who have not been to Iceland, in the 40 minute bus ride to Reykjavik, you don’t see much at all.  There are some great views of mountains, if you are into that type of stuff.  Since we have gotten off the plane, our experiences with Icelanders has been nothing but positive.  While they don’t necessarily move too fast, everyone is extremely easy going and helpful.  Maybe they are actually that nice, or I am just so used to Massholes that anyone not a Masshole is a nice person.

Sam and I are trying to travel on the cheap when we can.  This evening we went to the grocery store to purchase food for dinner.  Sam suggested a mystery meat of lamb, which cost 3 US Dollars, which was detailed in the Icelandic language.   Icelandic is very similar to old Viking language they are actually the only nation of people in the world today that can still read old Viking books & documents.   This led to me cooking arguable the worst piece of meat I have ever had in my life.  I took one bite and almost hurled all over myself.  Needless to say, I ended up eating Spaghetti instead, as that is one of the few dishes that neither Sam nor I could ruin.

I am extremely tired right now from everyone pushing drinks in front of me all weekend, my lack of sleep, as well as the cold weather that we walked into here in Iceland.  For those of you like me who are pretty hot, temperature-wise not looks based, Iceland is one place for you to consider going.  The temperate is cool, very similar climate to Boston.

I feel that I am rambling at this point, so I am going to have to shut it down for this evening.  In the future, plan on me providing context you may not receive from Sam, Travel Books, and/or TV Shows.  I plan on focusing upon important items such as Food, Alcohol, Fun Things to Do, etc. For instance, here is an Icelandic beer we tried tonight, which was a lot like Miller High Life- so terrible it was good.


8 thoughts on “Hello Iceland!

  1. YAY!!! I cannot express how happy I am that you guys are blogging. Your pictures are gorg, love the stories, and don’t worry Eric, I will pass this baby along to everyone I know and you’ll be famous before you know it! Love you guys, xoxo

  2. Keep posting. I love to live vicariously. Also, don’t forget to try the fermented shark meat before you leave Iceland–it’s crazy.

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