Goodbye Boston!

First of all, we wanted to let everyone know that we appreciate your support and well-wishes. Despite our enthusiasm for undertaking this adventure, it wasn’t easy for either of us to leave a place where we were so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by our strong network of family and friends.

Second of all, to everyone who has demanded that we blog our progress across the world, here you go! We intend to use this blog as a means to keep our friends and family up to date with our activities, as well as a way to journal our experience for ourselves. There will be pictures and descriptions and stories, but we have yet to establish any kind of system for regularly updating. (Creating this blog is the first step, hopefully the rest we can make up as we go along).  Though, by popular demand, Eric and I will both separately contribute our perspectives, cause well, let’s face it, everyone just wants to hear what Eric has to say anyway.


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