Special Addition: Ode to the Beard

Ode to a Beard Special Edition
After over 3 months of the beard, it finally came time to say goodbye. Scuba diving required a clean face for the mask, so it needed to go. Throughout our travels the beard has become part of the family, so in commemoration of the beard we thought we would share some pictures, thoughts, comments and memories:

Beard chronology:




Pre-departure: October 6, 2012






Four weeks later: Oct 29 2012






Eight weeks in: Nov 27, 2012






Twelve weeks of beard growth: Dec 27, 2012



DSC02965 - Copy



Last day of beard: Jan 19, 2013



  • The beard provides lots of entertainment; Sam Eric's unruly gray beard hairsloves to laugh at it and take up close pictures
  • The beard contains lots of different colors, including reds, browns, blondes, and grays
  • Eric looks like he has a permanent scowl at all times because of the way the mustache grows

Eric's mustache is a pulp filter

  • Food constantly gets caught in the beard (which means less food on clothes and lap); can be used as flavor savor for food as Eric can have meal leftovers hours later
  • Orange juice is the worst thing to drink because the mustache serves as a very effective pulp strainer
  • Honey is impossible to eat because it creates sticky patches which remain in the beard for ages
  • Sam doesn’t have to kiss Eric because beard smells like food and is always wet; she often calls them “wet sponge kisses”
  • It seems everyone wants to be friends with Eric because of the beard;  they assume anyone with a beard like Eric’s must be friendly
  • Passport checks often get double-takes DSC02257and additional questioning. Most laugh when Eric tells them about it being a “travel beard.”
  • Moroccan barbers try to call in Eric because they assume he needs/wants a shave
  • Random strangers complement me on the beard (like dudes from Tennessee in Petra)
  • Often referred to as Ali Baba or Zack Galifinakis (from the Hangover)
  • Adam (our Connecticut friend from 007Paris and Israel) wants to nuzzle in it
  • Dani (Australian friend from Tel Aviv) said it looks like a pillow that she wants to sleep on
  • Jordanian guy greeted me with a two-hand beard molestation
  • The family is disgusted by it, Mom hates, everyone else laughs

Don’t worry, we had fun with the barber when taking it off:

027031038046048054056And last but not least: "The Hitler"
Eric is not a fan of the final threading
The barber gives me a try


5 thoughts on “Special Addition: Ode to the Beard

  1. this is utterly amazing. wet sponge kisses!! dying over here. also, props to Eric for putting his mancard on hold to get his eyebrows threaded. hope your travels are still going smoothly!

    Come join me in Spain in May!!

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